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 Some comments from our customers:

  • Pamela L. of Colfax, CA says:

“This is the best pest control around. Actually they are the best local company we have ever worked with. They are prompt in returning calls and responding to emergency “ants in the pantry” calls. They are available to discuss pet friendly options as well as telling you exactly what they are doing. This company has not forgotten what customer service is and that is appreciated!”

  • Chris J. of Colfax, CA says:  (In response to our successful trapping of a very large rat.)

“Nice catch! Also Great to see your looking after your customers by blocking entrances so rats in the future cant gain access to the property such an important thing to do.”

  • Mrs. Bartle of Auburn, CA  explains:

” I have tried many pest control companies over the years and I was so thankful when I found Gold Miner! “

  • Mr. Lancaster of Roseville, CA  says:

” The great guys from Gold Miner Pest Control took the time to show me where bugs enter my home and where they nest; they did a great job ridding my home of ants! “

  • Mrs. Cunningham of Meadow Vista, CA  explains:

” It was important to me to find a quality and reputable company that would rid my home of insects, like ants and spiders, and stand behind their work.”

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Gold Miner Pest Control: “Baby You’re an Anthropod” Song

Gold Miner Pest Control: “Baby You’re an Anthropod” Song

We here at Gold Miner Pest Control think about bugs a lot. In fact, it's our job. We think about and get rid of bugs so you don't have to. Insects can be quite a nuisance invading and even destroying your home, and for the most part, we would rather not think about...

Grass Valley Pest Control: Yellow Jacket Removal Part 2

Grass Valley Pest Control: Yellow Jacket Removal Part 2

A few weeks ago I posted a video about the removal of a decent size yellow jacket nest in Grass Valley. The first Part of the video showed us spraying the nest and then pulling it out of the ground. The second part of the video is of the nest after it has been removed...

Auburn Pest Control: Yellow Jackets in the Ceiling

These pictures show Ted removing a Yellow Jacket nest from the ceiling of a customers house in Auburn CA. The customer called us when he saw what looked like a water stain on the ceiling of his daughter's room. After hearing a chewing and buzzing noise coming from the...